Since its start in New York in the mid-1970’s, the term “Salsa”, a translation of the word “mixture”, has been synonymous with one of the most dynamic and important musical phenomenon in dance history. When Salsa found its way into the Manhattan club scene of the late 1980’s, many ex-Hustle dancers brought their disco moves into their Salsa routines.

The current New York Salsa style is called Mambo or Salsa on 2. It’s a blend of Cuban Salsa and Latin Hustle with the break on the second beat of the clave.


Great Salsa Dance Songs:

“Coco Seco” – Tito Puente
“Cúcala” – Celia Cruz
“Déjame en Paz” – Johnny Colon
“El Cantante” – Hector Lavoe
“Ahora Quién” – Marc Anthony
“Hacha y Machete” – Hector Lavoe

Salsa in the Movies:

“Salsa” (1988)
“Dance with Me” (1998)
“Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” (2004)
“El Cantante” (2006)

Every Thursday at 7pm Salsa for Beginners 

Group lessons are a fun, social way to either start learning how to dance or to learn new material, different dance styles, and practice steps. You will learn to dance alone and with different partners, all while meeting new people and making friends. With regular attendance, you will stay in great shape!

What shoes should I wear?
  • For women – As a follower, shoes need two important traits: a strap so you can walk backwards, and a smooth sole (leather or suede) so you can pivot easily
  • For men – Shoes should have a smooth sole, leather or suede, so you can pivot easily


What clothing should I wear?
  • Freedom of movement for your legs is important, so a loose dress, loose skirt, or loose pants is best.


If you attend a Friday class, you get to attend the weekend “open floor time” to practice!  (Usually on Sunday 1-3 PM, space permitting, based upon special events.)

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