Foxtrot Dance Lessons

In early 1914, the Foxtrot premiered and attracted the likes of Vernon and Irene Castle – arguably the most celebrated ballroom dance couple that appeared on Broadway and in silent films during the early 20th century. Vernon Castle credited the American culture with the beginnings of the Foxtrot. He and Irene took the dance and refined it to make today’s ballroom dance style.

It is rumored that Foxtrot is named for the vaudeville actor Harry Fox, who popularized the dance throughout New York City. Harry Fox and the Dolly Sisters, who performed at the Jardin de Danse theater in New York, would dance the Foxtrot on the theater’s rooftop dance floor after their theater performances. People referred to Harry’s dance as “Fox’s Trot,” which was danced to Ragtime music.

The Foxtrot is the most significant development in all of ballroom dancing. The combination of quick and slow steps permits more flexibility and gives much greater dancing pleasure than the one-step or two-step.
There is more variety in the Foxtrot than in any other dance. In some ways, it is the hardest dance to learn!

Foxtrot in the Movies

“Top Hat” (1935)

“The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle” (1939)

“The Wedding Planner” (2001)

“Mad Hot Ballroom” (2005)

Great Foxtrot Dance Songs

  • “Singin’ in the Rain” – Gene Kelly
  • “You Make Me Feel So Young” – Rosemary Clooney
  • “Summertime” – Ray Conniff
  • “More” – Nat King Cole
  • “The Girl from Ipanema” – Astrid Gilberto
  • “Cheek to Cheek” – Fred Astaire
  • ” The Way You Look Tonight” – Frank Sinatra

To join Ventura Dance Center lessons to dance the Foxtrot, call us at (201) 881-6434.

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